Spiritual Child

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Biomolecular Changes

Most people experience themselves as separate from others and disconnected from their own personal truth. Doing a PLR provides you with a direct experience of why you are in the situation you are presently in, why you are

experiencing the discomfort you are, and what the solution is to heal it, on any level. Deborah Skye will guide you to the exact point of origin that the issue first came from, surprisingly most people see the same key players in other lifetimes, mostly family and intimate lovers.

Embodying Soul

Spiritual Healing allows you to release the pain, the suffering and the emotional traumas and blocks that stop you from experiencing life to it’s fullest degree.”

Since I was a child I have been exploring ancient cultures, past lives, future planets and the human condition. What I callSpiritual Bio-Dynamic Energy Healing, which is quantum physics, intuitive spiritual healing and holographic re-patterning via the generational lineage of your  DNA and healing from within the intelligence of your organs,  enabling me to use ALL of my abilities as a Master Energy Healer, Shaman and Intuitive Counselor and Therapist.

Allow me to bring unconditional love into your heart to remove deep cellular memories that are currently causing your internal life to experience anxiety, stress, inner chaos, depression and spiritual angst. I speak with 1,000’s of women and men globally who have stopped living their dreams due to external excuses that have and are still constricting your true and pure expression of Source Connection.

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